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Bar Buddy Instructions & Help
In addition to calculating your (BAC) Blood Alcohol Content, Bar Buddy is also designed to keep a running total of your alcohol consumption over a period of time.
All input information is done by drop down list and no direct entry of information is required
The information asked is as follows:
1. Select your sex.
2. Select your weight either in pounds or kilograms
3.Select your Drinking Habit. You can choose from Never Drinks, Social Drinker, Frequent Drinker, Heavy Drinker, Group Drunk
Note: The above 3 items (sex, weight & drinking habit) are fixed and don't change if you are keeping a running tab of drinks you have over a period of time.
4. Select the period of time you have consumed drinks. You can select from hours and minutes. You may increase these amounts if you are running a continuous tab over a period of time.
5. Enter what you are drinking. You can choose from beer, wine and hard liquor.
6. You may change the percent of alcohol if it differs from what is shown. ie. light beer will have a lower alcohol content than regular beer.
7. Select the total servings of this drink type you have consumed. If serving size differs from what is shown you may change it.
8. Once you have made your selections, Click the "Calculate BAC" button. The BAC information will be displayed below along with a graph that is also clickable.
9. If you want to completely start over click the "Clear All" button.
10. If you are running a bar tab over a period of time do the following:
A. Increase the time period as you bar tab grows.
B. Enter the drink information.
C. Click the "Calculate BAC" button. You will see your additional drinks added to the list below along with a recalculation of your BAC.
NOTE: ALL INFORMATION IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.  An exact BAC can only be derived from a blood or urine test.